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Mental Wellness

Google defines “Mental health” as emotional, psychological, and social well-being. The mental health of a person affects how he thinks, feels, and acts. It also determines how a person would deal with stress, trauma, circumstances and relationship with others. For example, somebody with good mental health would be able to cope up with personal loss much easily than somebody whose mental health is compromised.

We underestimate the role of mental health in a human life cycle. Or let’s put it this way; we take mental health in our lives for granted. Also, it is psychologically hyped in our society and nobody wants to talk about it. They think, if somebody is mentally unwell then they are mad, which is not true. It is during global pandemic ‘COVID-19’ when the world is either under quarantine or at home, everyone realised the importance of mental health. How necessary it is for one to keep sane and hold the grounds during a global crisis.

We as an organization have collaborated with top notch mentors who are willing to provide guidance and help talk out the mental constraints one might feel. It could be depression due to various reasons, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, trauma and so forth. We are here to talk with you.

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